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Top 10 Hockey Action Figures

Before video games and fantasy hockey let us take control of our favorite NHL teams and players, people were left with nothing but actions figures and their imagination to live out their hockey dreams. While the toy business may not hold the same popularity as it used to, I decided to take the time and look back at some of the greatest mini-men to ever grace department store shelves. Below, I have compiled the ten most memorable, interesting, and funny hockey-related toys in recent memory.

Enjoy the list!

10. Dion Phaneuf

One of the most realistic hockey figures on the market, this Dion Phaneuf figure by McFarlane Toys perfectly mimics Phaneuf’s on-ice play style - standing still and doing nothing.

Dion Phaneuf (Macfarlane Toys)

Dion Phaneuf (McFarlane Toys)

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Panther Parkway: Noon Headlines: Don Cherry, Wild Clinch, Luongo Awful, And More

While you’re having Sunday Brunch catch up on all of last night’s amazing NHL action that you may have missed! Here are the top stories and videos from all of yesterday’s action around the NHL, starting off with Coach’s Corner:

* The Three Stars for Saturday night. Puck Daddy.

* All 16 playoff teams have been decided.  The seeding will be finalized after today.

* The Hart Trophy should go to the most outstanding player.  The Hockey News.

* Not much of a playoff tune-up for Luongo, as the Oilers score 7 last night.

* Here’s a look at 12 potential head coach’s and general managers.

* The Minnesota Wild clinch a playoff berth, while Columbus is eliminated.  Pro Hockey Talk.

* 30 Thoughts from Elliotte Friedman. CBC Sports.

* The Chicago Blackhawks are hopefully going deep into the playoffs.  Here are two sites you must check out daily for all Blackhawk news.  The Committed Indian, and Second City Hockey.  I’ll be putting in my own articles here, but these guys are in Chicago, and are connected to the pulse of the city.

* Finally, we can expect the unexpected in the playoffs.  Globe and Mail.

Thanks for reading.  We welcome your comments and opinions.

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Take Your Mind Off The Panthers & Watch These Videos

After last night’s embarrassing performance by the Florida Panthers at home against the Philadelphia Flyers, I am sure the last thing you want to do is read more analysis about it.  Take your mind off the four game losing streak, and stop asking yourself what’s going to happen next, and look at these videos instead.

First up is Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry.  As always Don is never afraid to speak his mind, give his opinion, slam the desk, and of course wear the craziest looking outfits he can find.  Nonetheless, he does provide entertainment.  In Saturday night’s segment he covers among other things: 1) Fighting, and how the officials need to know when to step in and break them up, and how they should never ask a player if they’ve had enough. 2) Standing up for your teammates, something that’s missing from a few NHL teams.  3) Linesman and the frustration of waiting for them to “drop the puck”. 4) The Nail Yakupov goal celebration.  Cherry was extremely animated about this one saying that Yakupov “acted like an idiot” and “you don’t do stuff like that”.  Watch for yourself:


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Happy Birthday To Darryl Sittler.

Darryl Sittler played in the NHL for 14 seasons compiling 1,121 points as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, and Detroit Red Wings.  Sittler had two 100 point seasons, three 90 point seasons, and was a fairly consistent goal scorer during his career.  He will always be remembered however for one glorious night.  February 7, 1976.  Sittler scored 10 points against the Boston Bruins in an unbelieveable performance.  Watch the video below which includes an interview with Darryl and Don Cherry who was the coach of the Bruins at the time.  You’ll also hear the original play by play of the goals.

Hope you enjoyed that.

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