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Ten Free Agents Who Are Still Available

Hard to believe that the unrestricted free agent market has come to a crashing halt after it’s usual opening days of hyper activity.  With the salary cap being set at $64.3 million for this upcoming season, many teams quickly made their moves in an effort to bolster their lineup with players they felt could make a difference.  The activity was so chaotic early on that it seems today, a month later, that most teams are finished spending.  The biggest reason for the recent silence in signings likely has to do with the cap ceiling this year being reduced to the above mentioned $64.3 million, from $70.3 million.  Another reason is that teams who need to add players in certain positions, must move other players to create available cap space, and it’s been difficult finding a trading partner.  Just ask Roberto Luongo.

At this point with training camps set to open next month, there are still some noteable free agents, some of which are suprisingly still available.  One wonders if the availability of money is the issue, or if the players in conjunction with their agents are looking for too much money, too long of a contract, or a combination of both.  The Florida Panthers who were active early on with the modest signings of Joey Crabb and Jesse Winchester as the noteable names, signed Scott Gomez last Thursday to a one year deal reportedly for $900,000.  The high profile players that are still in waiting should garner significantly more, yet it’s interesting to see who’s still looking for a new home.

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