Classic Commercial: Paul Laus vs. A Vending Machine

In the never ending quest to fill the hockey deprived days of the offseason, I have found myself wasting a exorbitant amount of time sifting through countless hockey videos, commercials, and highlights on YouTube - anything to get my fix.

Although watching replays of Stanley Cup finals and classic NHL moments can be quite fulfilling, I’ve recently found myself getting lost in the nostalgia of old NHL commercials. Like a moment frozen in time, nothing quite captures the culture of a hockey era like a hockey commercial. Whether it’s the attire, hairstyles, music, or the cheesy dialogue, the unusual over-the-top styling of hockey television spots are hard to beat.

For this edition of “Classic Commercials”, I have chosen a TV spot from the Florida Panthers’ former “I go to the game” ad campaign. This wonderful bit of video features former Panthers’ defenseman Paul Laus attacking a helpless vending machine. One of the team’s all-time best enforcers, Laus accumulated a mountain of PIM’s in his career with Florida, including 313 during the 1996-1997 season alone. Aside from the obvious sight gag of Laus throwing his body into an inanimate object, the awkward delivery of the tagline “I go to the game” is what makes this a classic to me.


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