Panther Parkway Mailbag Part Two.

As we prepare mentally for the end of the season Saturday night, there were a few questions left over from the last mailbag. I wanted to take this opportunity to answer them for you.

The first one I’ll tackle is from from Gary the Cats biggest Fan @LauraBrinck:
I’d like to hear who you would like for a coaching staff. Someone that in reality we could get. Q isn’t coming here….

This answer to this question is based purely on speculation. Speculation that Bob Boughner gets fired, and speculation that Q doesn’t come here as most everyone has campaigned for. That leaves a number of possibilities. The list of names that I would consider are Marc Crawford, Bob Hartley, Dave Tippett, and Darryl Sutter. This is assuming that Sutter can be persuaded to leave his conmfy farm life in Alberta, Canada. I would not go with anyone that doesn’t have NHL experience, despite the fact that there are a few possibilities. Now, if the Columbus Blue Jackets don’t make the playoffs and John Tortorella gets the boot, I would go after him pronto. Guy Boucher? Maybe. He has a short shelf life, but all of these guys I mention are task master, pay attention to detail, and focus on defence. Speaking of task master, how about Mike Keenan? Third time is a charm as they say, and he is my favorite!

Next up is Kman @Kman9296:
I agree with some who have said as fans we need to be angry, vocal & hold management accountable for the mismanagement of this team. No more free passes & empty promises. Do you agree?

I said that the dismantling of the team that won the division in 2016 would set the team back for at least 3 to 4 years. Where are we? In year three of a rebuild, or re-tool, or whatever you’d like to call it. To be angry is perfectly acceptable. The acceptance of mediocrity and the attitude of waiting for things to get better has been a long time issue for many. Both in the organEYEzation and out of it over the years. The Panthers have missed the playoffs in 20 of 25 seasons, and haven’t won a playoff round since the Clinton administration. Those items alone are unacceptable. Spending money is great, but how you spend it is more important. This is a huge summer. But then we say that every year.

Finally from Scott Tulloch@ScottTulloch007:
What away fans are the most rude/disrespectful ? Being at almost every game I would have to say Boston…and it’s not even close.

I’ve dealt with a lot of rudeness in my time as a fan. The bulk of it happened in the second balcony of the Old Chicago Stadium, where anyone who was able to get a seat wearing the oppositions sweater took his life in his own hands. Many a night, brave and naive visitors showed up wearing a Minnesota North Star sweater, or a Detroit Red Wings sweater, and learned quickly to shut up, or leave. Having said that, winning cures dealing with too many of the rude and disrespectful patrons. Personally since living here in South Florida, I have always felt that those from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were the most difficult to deal with.

Thanks for providing your questions and for reading.

Stay tuned as the off season is about to begin, and we here at Panther Parkway will be sure to provide all the details of what happens.

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