Panther Parkway Headlines: Hawks, Voynov, Ramsey & Bruce!

Good morning and happy Friday!  Here’s some headlines from yesterday that you may have missed.

  • NHL is looking to get more teams involved in outdoor games.  Do we really need MORE outdoor games?
  • The NHL is investigating the Slava Voynov domestic abuse situation to determine if he can play or not.  USAToday.
  • Three teams that could surprise this year.  TheHockeyNews.
  • The Chicago Blackhawks have to be better.  And they know it from the top down.
  • NHL superstars are upset at comments made by NFL player Jalen RamseyBarDown.

Finally, and this has nothing to do with hockey.  Those of you who know me well, know that I’m a huge Springsteen fan.  When I first heard Born To Run in 1975 I was stunned!  In a good way.  A very old friend of mine posted a You Tube video of a Springsteen concert that Bruce performed in Chicago in 1978 at what was a movie theater.  The Uptown seats about 3,000 people and while I didn’t attend that show in 1978, I did attend one a couple years later.  I bought 2 tickets from a scalper for $40.00 each and my girlfriend and I settled into our seats in the second balcony.  Second row, right in the middle. A concert I will never forget. We actually stood the entire time and witnessed a tremendous show.  The link below is the audio version of that 1980 concert.  I don’t think Bruce had any idea what was in front of him at this time.  But I’m telling you, he had that entire crowd in his hands the who night. Springsteen fans, I hope you enjoy.  If you’re not a fan, maybe after listening to this,  you can at least appreciate him.

Click here.

Thanks for reading.  And listening!

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