Sasha Barkov Says What We’re All Thinking

I am a big fan of Sasha Barkov. I have been for quite some time, and how can you not with the highlight reel he’s accumulated in his five seasons? I thought I couldn’t love him more.

I was wrong.

This afternoon I was perusing Instagram when I came across this gem:

The quote originates from a tweet sent out by Panthers reporter Jameson Olive on Tuesday:

I love this for two reasons. First, who wouldn’t want to edit themselves to be 99? The game is more fun if you’re dunking on everyone. Second, there’s got to be a bit of self-confidence here. I love that, and you know what: he’s right.

I myself said this about his rating a couple weeks ago (pardon the typos):

I know I was not the only one thinking this either. I just love that Sasha himself came out and said it. I suppose a guy that smooth shouldn’t surprise me when he finds a way to make himself even more endearing.

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