The Snowball Effect Of Cancelling The Winter Classic

Winter Classic In Chicago. Source: M. Bisanz

Here we are with November under way and the only excitement these next 30 days appear to be bringing, will be the mustache’s that the male population will sport for the annual Movember cause.  Instead of 10 or so hockey games under NHL teams’ belts, each one sits not only even in record, but with seemingly less and less chance of having any games played this season.  Not trying to be “Debbie Downer” here, but if the Winter Classic is cancelled, or maybe by the time you read this it already has, the balance of the season won’t be far behind.

The Winter Classic in the past few seasons has become the showcase game for the NHL, giving fans all across North America, and even Europe, an opportunity to see the beauty, grace, and charisma that hockey brings.  Those of us who already know that, anticipate the game as though it’s another unwrapped Christmas present waiting under our tree.  Your entire day is devoted to the build up which includes pre-game coverage, a look back at the previous season’s matchup, and of course the game itself.  When this game doesn’t happen the damage to the NHL could be devastating.  Too strong of a word?  Think about the ramifications of not playing this game. [Read more…]


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