Panther Parkway Radio: Bylsma Fired, Prospect Signings, Draft, Free Agency & More!

Tune in to tonight’s show where we discuss the biggest NHL & Florida Panthers news of the week!

Host: Paige Lewis

Guests: Jameson Cooper, Mike Lewis, and Mike Obrand


  • Dan Bylsma Fired
  • Bylsma a good fit for Florida?
  • Panthers made 5 off-season signings.
  • Panthers draft discussion
  • Dave Bolland a good fit for Florida?
  • Best free agents for Florida

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  1. lateralous says:

    At the risk of it being obsolete 2 minutes after recording if Tallon pulls the trigger on a trade, are we hopefully going to get another episode before the draft?

  2. Jeff Bowdren says:

    I love your podcast. Love the info and opinion you provide. One minor complaint.
    The latest podcast….to much laughing at each others private jokes. More info and opinions, less private jokes.

    • Jameson Cooper says:

      Ha! We actually pointed that out during the show, we strayed for a bit there since we called the show so last minute! Thanks for listening and we’ll make sure to get everyone in on these jokes in the future!

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