Panther Parkway Radio: Luongo Returns, Thomas and Goc Traded, Winners and Losers from Trade Deadline Day & More!

Tune in to tonight’s show where we discuss the biggest Florida Panthers news of the week with the acquisition of Roberto Luongo! Also, the guys and gals of Panther Parkway discuss the Tim Thomas and Marcel Goc trades, as well as the winners and losers of Trade Deadline day!

Host: Paige Lewis

Guests:  Jameson Cooper and Mike Lewis (no relations to Paige)


  • Luongo returns, Matthias and Markstrom traded
  • Tim Thomas traded to Dallas, Dan Ellis traded to Florida
  • Marcel Goc traded to Pittsburgh. Who replaces him?
  • What does the future of our team look like now?
  • Winners and losers of Trade Deadline day.

 Click the link below for today’s podcast!

New Episode Here

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  1. Heather says:

    Frank… “we are the Florida Panthers, we don’t get nice things”- TRUTH!!!!!!

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