Panther Parkway Chosen to Represent the Florida Panthers in Puck Daddy’s “National Hockey League of Nations” Project

Yahoo's Puck Daddy Logo

Yahoo’s Puck Daddy Logo

A couple of weeks ago, Greg Wyshynski announced that he and the boys over at Yahoo’s very controversial and hilarious “Puck Daddy” would be creating an interactive summer project which would include the help of 30 chosen team writers/blogs from around the league. The project titled “National Hockey League of Nations”, which began on August 1st, was created in honor of the NHL and the IIHF finally deciding upon the inevitable, which would see the players of the NHL in attendance at the 2014 Winter Olympics games in Sochi, Russia.

Here is how the project works: Already starting with the Anaheim Ducks and continuing on in alphabetical order, Puck Daddy has chosen a blog from each NHL team, who were instructed to make a list of their teams best “all-time” players from around the world. For instance: If you are the Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, or New York Rangers, it’s obvious that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest Canadian to ever be apart of your franchises, EVEN if he only played for the Blues for a short stint. Or if you’re the Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, or New Jersey Devils, it’s a no brainer that Jaromir Jagr is the greatest Czech born player to ever don these colors, (even if he was useless for the Stars, and hasn’t technically played a game for the Devils, yet).

We over here at Panther Parkway were the proud chosen ones to represent the Florida Panthers in Puck Daddy’s summer project. The staff of PP carefully selected who we believe are the best batch of players of various nationalities to ever play in the sunshine state. Below, you will find a link which will take you to our sites entry for the Panthers edition of “National Hockey League of Nations”.

You will find a few obvious selections, as well as a few you may have never known played for Florida. Remember- it doesn’t matter if they were with us for 1 day, or 10 years. As long as they wore our colors and were solid NHL players at some point in their NHL careers, they could make our list!

Comments and discussions are welcome! We recommend it!

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  1. Sounds cool! No brainer who the best russian to don a Panthers jersey ever. Ivan Novoseltsev!

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