Mid-Season Review: Top 5 Panthers’ Goals Thus Far

Although the Panthers are clearly not where they would like to be in the standings, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their fair share of exciting moments this season. On a team filled with fresh faces and young offensive talent, the Panthers have quickly become an exciting team to watch not only as a Florida fan, but as a hockey fan in general.

Here are my choices for the top 5 Panthers’ goals in the team’s first 24 games this season.

5. Drew Shore

After coming so close in so many games, rookie Drew Shore was finally able to score his first NHL goal using a lovely deflection.

4. Tomas Kopecky

In possibly one of the best offensive games of his career, Tomas Kopecky used this long empty net goal to seal his first career NHL hat-trick.

3. Jonathan Huberdeau

This was definitely the first “Wow!” moment of Jonathan Huberdeau’s young career as he used a slick deke to beat Ilya Bryzgalov – helping the Panthers secure a shootout victory.

2. Jonathan Huberdeau

Just like he had done previously in the year, Jonathan Huberdeau once again made Ilya Bryzgalov look silly as this beautiful penalty shot not only caught the attention of Panthers’ fans, but the national hockey media.

1. Shawn Matthias

This was not only the best goal of the season so far, but possibly one of the best Panther goals in the past 5 years. Shawn Matthias’ fantastic move not only made the Sportscenter Top 10, but also introduced us to the term “dangleitis” thanks to Panthers’ announcer Bill Lindsay.

Thanks for reading and please share your own thoughts on who had the best goal so far this season in the comments section below!

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