Listen To Our Own Paige Lewis Talk Florida Panthers Hockey

Earlier in the week our own Paige Lewis was a guest on a Florida Panther podcast that was hosted by our friend Dan Spiegel.

This was episode one for Dan in a show he calls Florida Panthers Hockey Talk.  Paige and Dan discuss among other things the future of Florida Panther center Stephen Weiss.  Give it a look:

 Thank you for watching and listening.  We welcome your comments and opinions.

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Late Collapse Doom Panthers Again

I’m no mathematician but I’d be willing to be that the odds of scoring five goals in a National Hockey League and losing game are pretty slim. That said, I’d imagine the chances of it happening twice within five days are about the same as Wayne Gretzky showing up on my doorstep, asking me to teach him how to be awesome at hockey (Hey Great One, I have spare time if you ever need me). Yet, there were the Florida Panthers late Saturday afternoon, looking up at a scoreboard that read Tampa Bay 6 – Florida 5 in overtime.
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