REDlines: I Just Wanna Be Numb

Maybe it’s the bug in my stomach I caught yesterday, or the time change from Sunday, but with each passing day I am getting more and more apathetic in regards to this lockout.  Even after days of meetings where both sides are finally “locked” in a room for hours, we still are no closer to the season starting than we were two weeks ago.  I worry about when we’ll start losing our passion and our interest in this game.  It’s going to happen, and maybe for some of you it already has.

For now, today, I am just “numb” about all this.

Here’s the latest of what’s going on:

Elliotte Friedman says the Gloves are off: CBC Sports.

Is it all lies?  Michael Grange from Sportsnet.

Are the players getting all the facts? Harrison Mooney from Puck Daddy.

After four days of talks there’s no progress.

It’s gloomy right now for sure, but that doesn’t mean that things can’t change on a dime.  Both sides seem far apart and no one appears to be in a rush to settle, however surprises are possible.

Thanks for reading.  We welcome your comments and opinions.

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  1. It’s depressing and makes me angry at the same time. I am grateful for the kids I get to see take the ice who have the passion and sacrifice their time (and a lot of money to play). Kudos to them! (Go SR Sharks)

  2. The league and players better realize that “out of sight is out of mind”, and the whole debacle is coming dangerously close to irrelevance.

  3. I think the best line was that the only one who has nothing to lose in all of this is Fehr, and he’s acting like it at the expense of everyone else. I have no faith in any of these clowns. The season is already canceled in my mind, it’s just a matter of time.

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