Marcel Goc: Taking Over Germany, One Point At A Time

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Author: BKLuis
Marcel Goc (left)

The past few months have been a difficult one for us hockey fans. With the NHL and the NHLPA still not being able to come to an agreement it’s discouraging. You would think that a billion dollar corporation would make sure that work would continue as usual, however that doesn’t seem to be the case, as both sides continue to be stubborn about the entire situation. The lockout has had a lasting effect on a wide range of different people. Whether you’re a fan of the game, a player, or even someone who works as a cleanup guy for the arena, you have probably felt some of the effects. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when this lockout will come to an end.  Hopefully its sooner rather than later.

With no NHL here in North America, many of the players have resorted to going overseas and signing with teams in a multitude of different leagues across the Eastern Hemisphere. Players have been signing with teams in many different countries such as Germany, Russia, and even Sweden.

The Florida Panthers have seen just exactly what kind of effect the lockout has had on them. No hockey means no revenue, no revenue means people will get either laid off or must suffer a pay cut. It didn’t take long for those two things to come into play. As soon as the lockout was announced many people were laid off due to the fact that they were simply no longer needed. One of those employees who was laid off was the guy who is in the Stanley C. Panther suit. The Panthers have also seen many players decide to sign with overseas teams. Some of these players include, Tomas Kopecky, Sean Bergenheim, Dmitry Kulikov, and Marcel Goc.  Over the next few articles I will publish for you all to read, I will be taking a look at our players overseas. Today, were going to take a look at how the lockout has affected Marcel Goc.

When the lockout began, Goc wasted little time trying to find a place to play at overseas. For Goc it was an easy decision to return to his home country of Germany, but it might have been an even easier decision when he decided to sign with Alder Mannheim. Before coming to America, Goc was a player for Mannheim. Not only did he formerly play for them, but his brother is also currently playing for them. With Goc being very comfortable with Alder, it was almost a no brainer to sign there. Since his signing Goc has been doing some incredible things. It didn’t take long for Marcel Goc to get re-accustomed to how hockey is played throughout Germany. So far Goc has played a total of 10 games played in an Alder Mannheim uniform; Goc has been able to earn a total of twelve points (3 goals, 9 assists). Goc has been continuously providing Alder Mannheim with consistent offense in his time there. He also added in a three point game for Alder, scoring a goal while recording two assists.

For us fans back here in the states, it is very encouraging to see Goc tear it up in Germany. Last season Goc was a crucial part in the Panthers success. Last season, Goc placed ninth on the Panthers scoring list, with 27 points, and he only played in 57 games. It is a very good sign that Goc is continuing to improve his offensive game while playing overseas. The only bad thing I have to say about him playing in Europe is his chance of being injured increases, however, he could get hurt doing basically anything, whether it is hockey related or not.  The only thing I’m worried about is that he won’t be able to carry his offensive scoring ability back to America. Goc in my opinion is one of the most underrated and important pieces to the puzzle down here in South Florida. Hopefully Goc can continue to keep his hot streak going on in Germany, I’m rooting for him, and I know that most Panther fans are as well.

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