The 5 Worst Draft Picks Of The Florida Panthers: The 90’s Edition

The past couple of days we’ve taken a look at the first round draft picks of the Florida Panthers from 1993 and 1994.  I’ll continue with 1995 next, but thought it would be a good time to look at some other picks from lower rounds that didn’t exactly give the organization some of it’s finer moments.  This is quite easy to do when you have all the facts and results, making this scientific project all based on hindsight.  I’m sure each and every organization would gladly change a few picks based on how things turned out, but that’s where the fun in this is.

As we look at the 90’s edition of bad picks, let’s start off with Kyle Rossiter who was taken in the second round in 1998, 30th overall.  Rossiter a defenceman was drafted from the Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey league.  A native of  Edmonton, AB, Rossiter spent four seasons with the Spokane earning WHL and CHL Scholastic Player of the Year honors in 1997-98 while participating in the CHL’s Top Prospects Game.  Rossiter spent most of his career with AHL teams, but did manage to play in 11 NHL games.  Nine with the Florida Panthers, and two with the Atlanta Thrashers.  When the Panthers realized that Rossiter didn’t fit into their plans (or just wasn’t going to make it in the NHL) he was traded to the Thrashers for Kamil Piros.  Yea, we know how that turned out.

Chris Allen.  Allen was taken 60th overall, in the third round in 1996 currently is a player coach for the Solihul Barons according to his Wikipedia Page.  Allen was a big right handed shooting defenceman who managed to appear in TWO games for Florida with no points and four minutes in penalties.  Allen unfortunately suffered an injury which derailed his career, causing him to spend his time in the minor leagues and in Europe.  His slap shot was once clocked at 103 miles per hour, so there’s that statistic to his fame.

Vratislav Cech.  Yea, that’s right him.  Taken 56th overall in the third round in 1997, Cech was another defenceman whose career never materialized to anything at the NHL level.  While he put up some decent numbers playing for the Kitchener Rangers, Cech would never appear in an NHL game, and finished his career in Europe playing for his home country.

Joseph Tetarenko, otherwise known as Joey had what one would think was a perfect hockey name.  The only thing Tetarenko was perfect for however was the AHL, and the penalty box.  While I don’t remember much of Joey’s playing time, he did appear in 69 games for the Panthers scoring four times with one assist.  Mostly what I recall about Joey was his trips to the penalty box which were due to some epic fights like this one against John Erskine.  Joey is now an assistant coach for the Dallas Oilers in Dallas, Texas.

Ivan Novoseltsev.  I felt that I would save the best worst for last with this pick.  Ivan was chosen a little deeper than these other “bad” picks, being taken 95th overall in 1997.  And when you look at his statistics in juniors his numbers give you the impression that he was a steal being taken so low.  Not so fast however, as Ivan was a major disappointment at the NHL level, and has been on the wrong end of a number of jokes here by our staff.  Novoseltsev was gifted with speed, but like a former Chicago Blackhawk player Ken Yaremchuk, didn’t know what the hell to do with it.  His hands never caught up to his feet, and his brain was never in the right zone.  The Panthers expected a lot from Ivan, and unfortunately he wasn’t able to deliver.  It might have been because his game wasn’t suited for the North American style of play, or that he played in some very inferior Panther teams, we’ll never know.  His Panther career came to an end when he was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes, and that move cannot be better described than by Mike Russo who at the time was the Panthers beat writer for the Sun-Sentinel.  This description sums it up better than I could have ever said it:

December 31, 2003|By Michael Russo Staff Writer

TAMPA — Considering the Panthers have been trying to trade right wing Ivan Novoseltsev for more than a year, it was assumed they couldn’t give him away.

On Tuesday, the Panthers proved that untrue. Novoseltsev was given away, traded to the Phoenix Coyotes for “future considerations,” which according to sources is nothing except the Coyotes picking up the rest of Novoseltsev’s $877,250 contract.

Agree with my picks?  Have any of your own instead?  Let me know.

Thanks for reading.  We welcome your comments and opinions.

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